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Follow these Steps to get started:
  1. You must have an Ads-Rewards Account from Specials Locator to place ads on

    To get an account, use the code 14469TX or a code provided to you from an Agent/MTSBN Business Member.


  2. Use the code provided to register for your account at

  3. After registration, log in to accept the terms and conditions of using

  4. Then click the Create and Manage Ads button to begin placing your For Sale or Wanted Ads.

  5. If you have a YouTube Video for your item, you can embed your code into your Ad to display your video.

  6. Be sure to place all of the information needed for viewers to see your items and contact you.

Special Note: Please help us keep information at a G rating, Ads in violation will be removed and repeat offenders will have their accounts terminated.


Please Note: All Marketing Teammates Business Members, this site and any entities connected with ZCNS, Inc. assume no liability for errors, misrepresentations or materials contained within any Ad. For complete coverage of these terms visit our Terms of Use.

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